The country that hosts Komodo Island, one of the New 7 Wonders of Nature, has launched its biggest tourism campaign promoted by the main industry stakeholders as a way to attract visitors “Back to Bali”.


The new Back to Bali campaign was created In a joint work between Finns Bali, Bali Tourism, Wonderful Indonesia, Bali Hotels Association and Garuda Indonesia. The campaign expects to invest approximately US$300,000 to draw future travellers back to Bali.


The campaign includes the launch of the Back to Bali portal, which allows guests to manage their payments, pursue experiences, and redeem and book accommodation. Back to Bali gives access to over 100 participating resorts, 500 villas and several activities across the island. 


According to Finns Bali COO, Beau Whittington, “Bali closed its doors to tourism almost 12 months ago, which has seen catastrophic results for the hospitality and tourism industry. It’s no secret that tourism is the heart and soul of the island, with many people facing employment uncertainty and poverty. With the hope of travel on the horizon, we firmly believe that now is the right time to launch a Back to Bali campaign, and do everything we can to revive the tourism industry”.