Two new investments are set to boost sustainable tourism in Puerto Iguazú, home to the Iguazú Falls ―one of the New 7 Wonders of Nature―: a glamping site in the middle of the jungle and a gourmet product market. Additionally, two other projects focus on events and entertainment tourism, featuring a convention centre that will become the largest in the province and a 250-person venue equipped with state-of-the-art technology.

As regards tourism, Puerto Iguazú is on the verge of inaugurating the “Glamping Selva Iguazú” and “El Mercado de la Selva” (The Jungle Market), two projects that prioritise sustainability. The city will also contribute to event and entertainment tourism with a convention centre for 8,000 people and a hall equipped with cutting-edge technology.

The Glamping Selva Iguazú offers 10 rooms nestled within the Misiones jungle, a restaurant serving typical cuisine, and a nature-surrounded pool with a view of the Paraná River. On the other hand, the Mercado de la Selva will offer regional dishes and the opportunity to purchase emblematic Argentine products such as wines and gourmet oils from the Misiones region.

Regarding their opening, the Glamping Selva Iguazú opened its doors in early July, while the Mercado de la Selva is still in the final process due to the inclusion of various aspects and franchises. Both ventures represent a significant investment and will create job opportunities for the local community, contributing to the economic development of the region.

Patricia Durán Vaca, the owner of Cuenca del Plata Turismo, explained that the experience at Glamping Selva Iguazú is characterised by privacy and immersion in nature. “Visitors can enjoy unique and dreamlike views that only this place can offer. Furthermore, we aim to provide a space of tranquillity and self-connection, allowing guests to walk, meditate, and have moments of introspection in a setting of natural vastness,” added the entrepreneur.

The venture has a farm where fresh local products are harvested, and guests have the opportunity to interact with chefs and cooks. The cuisine draws inspiration from Misiones’ tradition, also incorporating elements of Guarani culture. Visitors can savour authentic dishes and taste the province’s culinary richness.

Sustainability is another fundamental aspect of the project. Glamping Selva Iguazú has obtained international certifications that recognize its commitment to the environment and local communities.

On the other hand, the investment in event and entertainment tourism consists of two convention centres that will expand capacity for hosting meetings. One of these centres, with a capacity for 1,500 people, is set to open in the city of the Waterfalls, adjacent to the Falls Iguazú Hotel & Spa. Additionally, the largest convention centre in the region is under construction, boasting a capacity for 8,000 people.