Machu Picchu’s management group released a statement last week that it wouldn’t open to local visitors on July 1, as established a month ago. The decision was made after evaluating reports from authorities in the Cusco region. However, on July 7 Machu Picchu will still be celebrating virtually the 13th anniversary of his coronation as a one of the New 7 Wonders of the World.


According to the Machu Picchu district mayor, Darwin Baca, there were a series of health measures, like testing, still pending in the area, and the authorities want to ensure all hygienic measures to the visitors as a way to make the experience safe for everyone.


From July 1 to 6, different activities will be held as a celebration, such as a mass with the presence of local authorities, a virtual serenade from the Pachacútec theater and the presentation of a documentary about Machu Picchu.


To celebrate the 13th anniversary of his coronation as a New 7 Wonder of the World, the authorities of the Machu Picchu district in Cusco will carry out commemorative activities through virtual platforms on July 7.