The Jeju Tourism Organization, a local tourism promoting office, has partnered with the Jeju branch of the Korea Airports Corporation as a way to promote tourism in Jeju Island, one of the New 7 Wonders of Nature. . This initiative launched a new rental service, to open a “smart mobility” zone in front of the airport’s main arrival gate.


According to an official statement, travelers will be able to rent electric scooters and bicycles and place them anywhere after use, as a local Jeju smart mobility company will pick them up for charging.


Authorities declared that the commercial area around the airport does not benefit much from tourism, as visitors usually pick rental cars and public transports at the airport to visit tourist spots. In this regard, “by providing an eco-friendly smart mobility service, we expect to protect Jeju’s unpolluted environment and promote cooperative development between the Jeju airport and its local community” the Jeju Tourism Organization statement announced.