The province of Misiones in Argentina -home to the Iguazú Falls, one of the New 7 Wonders of Nature- relaunched the Ahora Vacaciones program as a way to continue promoting domestic tourism. Misiones is also home to the Selva Misionera, one of the Natural 7 Wonders of Argentina.


The program -launched last October with great results- allows tourists to the province to plan their vacations at costs much lower than the regular ones, at 50% of its value in the participating travel agencies.


The Minister of Tourism of Misiones, José María Arrúa, stated that “The State and the private sector, in Tourism, is a single sector. We are finding a reconversion of agencies that went from being emissive to being receptive and finding new products in Misiones. The citizens discovered that, a few kilometers from home, with great security and lower cost, they can access first-rate experiences within the reach of their pocket and in their own land”.