Jeju Special Self-Governing Province and blockchain company Iconloop are implementing the ‘Jeju Safety Code’ app for COVID-19 contact tracing for the 15 million annual visitors to this New 7 Wonder of Nature.The project was initiated in August 2020 and it is fully operational since last January 14th. 

As Korea’s tourist hotspot both for domestic and international tourism, Jeju Island high traffic area is considered crucial to deploy an effective contact tracing methode. The new Jeju Safety Code enables quick access to an infected person’s record of the places visited and the people they came in contact with, allowing these people to be quickly notified.

The application also allows tourists to check in at public places without risking the loss of personal data. This way visitors don’t need forming lines and can scan a QR code at any business or tourist destination, helping to keep social distancing. According to the app’s creators, users do not need to sign up for an account to check in. When a person checks in, their location is authenticated, and no personal information is required.

Iconloop also confirmed that the information is only used for the purpose of epidemiological investigation of confirmed cases.