According to the official tourism agency in Iguazú, the Argentine side of the New 7 Wonder of Nature received more than 26.000 visitors during the first month of 2021. Even though numbers are low compared to January 2020 when the Falls registered a record of 197.417 visitors-, they are still a good sign.


The data released by the Municipal Entity of Iguazú Tourism (ITUREM) show that from January 2 to 31, 26.019 tourists visited the Argentine side of the Iguazú Falls. It was also possible to observe that the most chosen accommodations were those that have a more direct contact with nature and those that offer outdoor activities.


The president of ITUREM, Leopoldo Lucas, pointed out that “although it was expected a greater progress, it is a beginning and we thank those tourists who chose us and who have visited us. Iguazú has intensively prepared the actions aimed at the care and safety of all visitors”.