Under the framework of the Tourism Month, the country that hosts Machu Picchu, one of the New 7 Wonders of the World, launched the “Peru is its regions” initiative that looks to boost the sector while applying biosafety protocols. 


According to the Foreign Trade and Tourism Minister, Roberto Sanchez, “through this initiative we seek to stimulate domestic tourism, combining a series of efforts to promote tourist attractions in the country and to ensure that biosafety protocols are followed”. 


In addition, Sanchez stated to the press that “significant progress has been made in the granting of Safe Travels stamps in all regions across Peru. In total, 52 destinations, 458 tourist attractions, and 7,892 tourism service providers have been certified”, offering visitors a safe trip through the country.


Sanchez also pointed out that the Ministry is currently working to promote and consolidate a range of sustainable destinations, such as Towns with Charm, Community-based Tourism, Social Tourism, as well as CITEs on Tourism and Handicrafts.