The Government of Misiones will accompany a commercial event that will offer financing of up to 12 instalments for the purchase of products and services. The offers will be from November 24th to the 27th.

The Commercial and Tourist “World Cup Wonder of the World Black Friday” was officially launched. The Municipality of Iguazú will collaborate with the reduction of the 1.1% of the trade rate to 0.5% for all those businesses that would like to participate. Those who are interested can register until November 6th to participate through the website.

To give a framework of festivity and culture to this event on Friday 25th, The Group “Los Rancheros” will be present in the city. While on Saturday 26th, together with Iguazú Corre and the Municipal Sports Directorate, a 5km Night Marathon will be held.

Meanwhile, the President of the Municipal Tourism Entity of Iguazú (ITUREM), Leopoldo Lucas, and the mayor of Puerto Iguazú, Claudio Filippa, thanked the support of the Provincial Government, highlighted the joint work between the public and private sectors, as well as the fact that this Black Friday will help mobilize the city’s recovering economy.

Participating items include motorcycles, appliances, construction materials and tools, mattresses, and furniture in up to 12 interest-free installments. The financial cost is taken by the bank and the province, and there will be a financing limit of $200,000 (Argentine pesos) that the participating businesses must meet.

The “Black Friday World Cup Wonder of the World” is an innovative event that will coincide with the World Cup. Giant screens, shows and many surprises will seek to boost the commercial sector of Iguazú and attract tourists from the three borders, and those from all over the world who are visiting the city.

“This event is an opportunity to boost the economy, and to motivate businesses to join the programs in solidarity, and generate confidence to continue growing and position the destination with equal opportunities,” the Municipal Mayor Dr. Claudio Raúl Filippa explained.