In order to promote tourism in Cuba, new attractions are being implemented, offering alternatives such as swimming with sharks.

Tourism is one of the economic pillars in Cuba, however, in recent years this sector has been seriously affected. Therefore, the agencies that manage this sector have found it necessary to offer new options to attract international visitors.

As a result, Antillean authorities have promoted the remodelling of hotel complexes in the country, as well as the construction of new spaces. In that sense, swimming with sharks is being implemented in Cuba as a novel activity that will surely cause a sensation among tourists.

It is a dangerous but interesting activity that takes place in the deep waters of Santa Lucía Beach. They also point out that this tourist option is only offered at the Sharks Friends International Diving Center in the town.

It is worth mentioning that Cuba’s capital La Habana is one of the country’s major tourist attractions and was voted as one of the New7Wonders Cities. Since December 7, 2014, the New7Wonders Foundation named this capital as one of the New7Wonders Cities. The recognition was the result of a process that began in 2011 and involved online voting by millions of people, who chose from 1200 metropolises.

Particularly, aquatic tourism in Cuba proposes swimming with bull sharks, a species characterised by being quite muscular and fearsome, especially because of its powerful 350-toothed jaw. This type of shark has a terrible reputation, with several attacks on boats, carried out with its strong teeth. However, the group that directs this practice in St. Lucia assures that they are a very harmless species to humans. This is stated by Cuban diving instructor Oromelio Rodriguez Salabarría, who assures that he has been swimming with sharks in Cuba for a long time without receiving any attack.