The Tourist Assistance Provider (APTur) program will provide financial assistance to providers in the sector who were affected by the pandemic. The Ministry of Tourism and Sports will destinate 100 million AR$ and will benefit the providers of complementary tourist activities. Argentina hosts the Iguazú Falls, one of the New 7 Wonders of Nature, among its destinations as well as the official Natural 7 Wonders of Argentina.


According to the press release, the help will be a non-refundable provision of 50,000 AR$, to be paid in two instances: the first of 30,000 AR$ and the remaining once the beneficiary complies with mandatory training on the new sector protocols. 


The Minister of Tourism and Sports of Argentina, Matías Lammens, declared that “tourism is one of the great generators of employment, both direct and indirect, in all regions of the country. That is why we are moving forward with this new initiative, so that the sector is on its feet the day after this pandemic ends. ”