In an attempt to make tourism more affordable for local visitors, the City of Cape Town in a joint work with Cape Town Tourism (CTT) launched the Pocket-Friendly Challenge. The city of Table Mountain, one of the New 7 Wonders of Nature, expects to boost the sector during the holiday season. 


The Pocket-Friendly Challenge also implements a weekly series of two-minute episodes where different travellers explore Cape Town with a set budget of R150 (nearly 10 USD) per person. This campaign highlights that the Mother City is diverse, inexpensive and suited to all travellers.


According to the City’s Mayco member for Economic Opportunities and Asset Management, James Vos, “spreading the economic impact of tourism across all communities is important as we recover from the effects of COVID-19 and the lockdown. This is what the Pocket-Friendly campaign is about, showing people just how much our city has to offer all visitors, no matter your budget or what you are looking for”.