The underground tunnels of Rome’s Colosseum, one of the New 7 Wonders of the World, are now fully opened to visitors to have an even more complete experience. 


Even though since 2010 visitors were allowed to visit a small part of the tunnels, the brand new inauguration gives the opportunity to walk through the 15,000 square metres thanks to the two year work of a group of 80 archaeologists. 


This inauguration is the second part of a three-stage process that started eight years ago, when Tod’s luxury firm pledged 25 million euros to support the project as a part of a series of monument restorations carried out by Italian famous firms. 


In 2016 was completed the first phase which included a cleanup of the facade and the third and last phase is expected to be completed in three years and it includes renewing the galleries and the lighting system and creating a new visitor centre. Rome’s government announced earlier this year the creation of a new high tech flooring, expected to be over by 2023.