Jeju Island, one of the New 7 Wonders of Nature, was chosen by the fashion label Burberry to be the home of its “Imagined Landscape” experiences as part of a series of immersive pop-ups across the globe.


The store is made almost entirely from reflective material with the futuristic location literally mirroring its natural surroundings and attracts the interest of the entire world as well as it promotes the beauties of Jeju Island. The store also has a viewing platform that overlooks the island’s shores and Sanbang mountain, allowing visitors to take in their surroundings.


As a way to take care of nature, Burberry stated that the experience is on its way to becoming certified carbon neutral to reduce its environmental impact. Also the label announced a five year partnership with Jeju Island to support its preservation, an agreement that compromised Burberry into investing in maintaining elements of the island and supporting waste elimination programmes that look to preserve the island’s nature.