The New 7 Wonder of the World located in Rome now has its own documentaries named “InVisible Deposits”, produced by the Parco archeologico del Colosseo with the aim to show people from all over the globe the collections preserved in the more than one hundred warehouses and deposits. 


The documentary consists of a long narration that will be launched on the Facebook page and Youtube channel of the PArCo. Through 4 episodes, archaeologists, architects, and restorers will reveal the stories hidden behind the mobile artefacts and finally make them visible and accessible to all. 


The first episode was launched on Saturday 13 November and the last one will be released on Saturday 18 December: the chapters will explore topics such as the “Domus Aurea and the artefacts restored and displayed in the new route opened to the public last June 2021 (…); the materials from the “historical” excavations carried out on the Palatine Hill (…); the result of recent archaeological investigations on the Palatine (…) and the heart of the Flavian Amphitheatre to discover the extraordinary patrimony of movable artefacts kept in the warehouses and deposits scattered along the tour route”.