Positive expectations about better performance of the tourism sector increase opportunities to attract new investments in Peru. Peru’s Exports and Tourism Promotion Board (PromPeru) seeks to make use of this special situation in order to promote the development of new projects and boost the country’s economy.

PromPeru Business Investment Promotion Director, Daniel Cordova, pointed out that there are foreign and local investors interested in developing tourism projects in Peru.

“They want to take advantage of the recovery process in this activity, after being one of the most affected ones by the coronavirus pandemic”, he stated to the Official Gazette El Peruano.

Cordova remarked that six projects —whose execution entails an investment of US$650 million— were presented at the First Tourism Investment Meeting: Innovation and Sustainability.

Cordova mentioned that PromPeru has received enquiries from potential investors from Colombia, Argentina, Panama, Spain, and the United States, among the main stakeholders.

They are interested in building hotels and forming alliances with local partners, either in established chains or at boutique hotels.

“Everything (their whole interest) is aimed at increasing the hospitality capacity” the PromPeru official commented. “We receive enquiries about hotel infrastructure development projects. In theory, they are still concentrated in the Lima market, but they are attracted by other cities, too”.