In a move set to enhance Brazil’s presence on the global tourism stage, Copa Airlines and the Brazilian Tourist Board (Embratur) have formalized a strategic partnership. This collaboration, officially signed during the 50th edition of ABAV Expo in Rio de Janeiro, aims to bring together the strengths and expertise of both organizations with the objective of promoting Brazil as a top-tier destination for travelers worldwide.

The partnership signed by Raphael de Lucca, Country Manager of Copa Airlines in Brazil, and Marcelo Freixo, President of Embratur, lays out a comprehensive framework for their cooperation. This framework is founded on sustainability, sound financial practices, and technical excellence, with a primary focus on innovation. The goal is to bolster the provision of international air services and attract a larger number of foreign tourists to Brazilian airports.

The collaborative efforts between Copa Airlines and Embratur encompass various exciting initiatives, each thoughtfully designed to harness their collective capabilities regarding Strategic Marketing and Promotion, Market Expansion, and Loyalty Programs.

The two entities will join forces in launching marketing and promotional campaigns that aim to spotlight Brazil’s beauty and attractions. This will ultimately heighten visibility and entice foreign tourists to explore the diverse offerings of the country. Brazil stands out with the Cristo Redentor Statue being one of the New 7 Wonders of the World, as well as the Amazon and the Iguazú Falls among the New 7 Wonders of Nature.

A pivotal goal of this partnership is to identify untapped market opportunities and expand Copa Airlines’ presence in key Brazilian tourist destinations. This expansion plays a critical role in improving air connectivity and facilitating the influx of foreign tourists.

Collaboratively, they will develop loyalty programs and incentives tailored to foreign tourists who choose Copa Airlines. This will further enhance the appeal of Brazil as a travel destination.

Raphael de Lucca, Country Manager for Copa Airlines in Brazil, expressed his enthusiasm for the collaboration, stating:

“We will offer Embratur the opportunity to promote Brazil in the countries served by Copa, with an emphasis on Central America and the Caribbean, as well as Colombia, the primary origins connected to flights from Brazil. In this way, we will facilitate the entry of millions of foreigners into our country—not only in major cities like Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo but also in other Brazilian destinations where Copa Airlines operates, such as Manaus, Brasília, Belo Horizonte, and Porto Alegre. We will be able to introduce foreigners to other wonders of our country, such as Natal Luz de Gramado, Pirenópolis, and the historic cities of Minas Gerais.”

The partnership places a strong emphasis on sustainability, social responsibility, diversity, and inclusion efforts. It is not solely focused on tourism but also prioritizes ensuring that tourism benefits local communities and the environment.